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Q. It sounds interesting but can I afford it?

Evive costs more than dry food because of the quality of our ingredients and the techniques used. However, our price is comparable to premium-canned food.

Processed pet food is made in huge amounts in a factory by machines. Evive is handmade in small batches.

We are not that comfortable talking against other pet food companies, but will point out the fact that many pet food companies spend a lot of their budget on marketing and compromise somewhere else, whether it’s by-products, rendered oils, or low quality supplements that are poorly absorbed.


We take the opposite approach; you are paying for a top quality fresh diet. For starters, our diets are meat based. Meat is central to keeping your pet healthy. It naturally contains a rich supply of amino acids, protein and minerals essential to good health. Meat is, however, a valuable commodity. The more of it used, the higher the price tag. Evive’s meals are made with over 50% real meat.

We use New Zealand bone meal from free range, grass fed veal bones that are lab tested for purity. Bone meal can contain impurities, like lead. Pet food manufacturers are not obliged by law to have their ingredients lab tested for such impurities. Our bone meal is pure, safe and is well absorbed by your pet. And yes, it does cost more and we believe it is worth every penny; we are in the business of making pets healthy and not saving money at the expense of pets’ health. All of this translates to better health for your pet and is also a preventative health measure, which could mean fewer visits to the vet. We truly believe that the money spent on a quality diet based on fresh, whole foods is the best investment you can make in your pet’s health.


Q. Why is it all mashed up? Why can’t I see the vegetables?

Vegetables and fruits need to be finely ground in order for the cat/dog to be able to absorb the natural goodness found in fresh produce.


Q. What is the texture of the meals?

The texture is moist and soft.


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